Built Manage Properties App & Exported To PDF

  • Built tree structure of LWC components to display properties and allow users to select, edit, and unselect properties, to accomplish the business requirements.
  • Created a friendly Visualforce page PDF. It contains selected properties, and image of google map of the location of the properties.
  • Displayed selected properties on google map inside Visualforce page inside LWC component.

Move From Zendesk to Service Cloud

  • Configured and customized Lightning service console, by creating custom workflows, fields, milestones, child objects, chatter, record pages, business hours, process builders, public groups, queues, auto assignment rules and etc.
  • Created JS Node scripts to help with dataload Zendesk tickets to Salesforce.
  • Created Email-To-Case and Web-To-Case, to be able to create cases from outside Salesforce.

Created Community With Custom Form

  • Created community that allow external users fill and submit forms for approval.
  • Used LWC components on the community to customize the form and allow external users upload files.
  • Developed internal lwc components that allow users to view forms, files, and reject or approve the forms.

Custom Dataloader

  • Created custom Account Contact Role function, using custom object and junction object with external ids.
  • Developed a complex Visualforce page that uses Bulk API to data-load external data into the three different objects.
  • Developed Visualforce page CSV to export data that couldn’t be upserted into Salesforce.

E-commerce Renting Website & Mobile Responsive

  • Created responsive website that allow users to list their items on the website using React and Ruby on Rails.
  • Integrated Full-Calendar and google map to help user to locate and schedule items for rent.
  • Hosted the website and the database on AWS server.

Financial Account Service Tracker

  • Created system were users can create different type of child accounts and related them to a parent accounts using Aura components.
  • Developed different stages and workflows that child accounts go through during the business transactions.
  • built complex financial system to calculate quarter fees using triggers and roll up summaries.

Lightning Time Tracker/ Full-Calendar

  • Built system were employees can track their time and register their worked hours using Aura components.
  • Created and customized Full-Calendar to display the employees worked blocks on the calendar.
  • Developed ability for bulk edit and delete work blocks using Aura components.

Business Database Systems Development

  • Built a SQL Server Database, within a team, utilizing 17 tables to help keep track of all diverse branches of the business leaving room in the database for business growth
  • Created a, user friendly, front end system in C# that connects to the database which will allow management to add, delete, and edit employees of Franklin’s, which will further evolve to the front end system options, making it easier to add, edit, and delete work orders, residents, parts, suppliers, etc.
  • Worked together to create this solution quickly by utilizing tableau to create graphs for Franklin’s, while staying within our budgeted time frame which increased business efficiency.

Business Information System Development

  • Created Calculator in C# using Windows Form Applications, utilize controls, event handlers, and develop logic within Visual Studio. The application functions like common Calculators.
  • Developed program in C# called Library Device Checkout System that can list devices, Add, Edit, search, and checkout devices using Object-oriented programming, methods, arrays, etc.
  • Built C# program called Simple Loan Calculator that processes either auto loans or Mortgages byusing derived classes from abstract base classes, inheritance and polymorphism, and utilize upcasting and down casting to work with base and derived types.

Electronic Commerce Strategy

  • Created and design an responsive e-commerce site that fit on all devices for school’s bookstore, A2ZBooks, so they can have an electronic presence on the Web (in addition to their ‘brick and mortar’ location). Similar to what has been able to do with their book sales, by using ASP.NET, HTML, C#, and MySQL WorkShop.
  • • Developed Make Me Rich! Web App that fit on all mobile devices that calculate the retirement funds for individuals, byusing PhoneGap HTMl, JavaScript, CSS, made another version byusing MIT APP Inventor.